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Since 2001, we have been proudly offering Canadian Citizenship Practice Tests totally FREE of cost to Canadian Immigrants. Along the way we have gathered experiences of Immigrants before you to better prepare you for the Canadian Citizenship Test and Interview. The questions are closer to actual test. We have 14 Citizenship Practice Tests and 500+ Test questions from latest Discover Canada (and counting).

Have you been notified that you MUST write Canadian Citizenship Test soon ? Have you gone through the official "Discover Canada" book already but STILL NOT CONFIDENT ?
No worries, You are at the right place!.
Best test preparation plan ever!
Samuel J, France (1/5/2017)
I was recommended your website by a colleague and let me tell you the way you guyz have organized the test preparation plan is unique and clear. I had no problem following it and I felt so confident. The test were designed for the chapters from the study guide and each questions was traced back to its location in Study Guide. I have to say you have put a lot of effort on this site. I passed just this past January and I have my oath scheduled this month. I thank my stars that I found your site.

Have a lovely Christmas!
Cindy R (12/15/2015)
Thanks so much for the reply! And.....thanks so much for the great study help!! Wow! I passed my test....made 100%!!!! Have a lovely Christmas!

Huamn Factor
YourNewloyaluser (6/1/2015)
Thank you Thanks you thank you. You cleared my confusion on "the Bay" question. Thank you. Most of the websites out there do not give a damn and it is like an automatic system. It is frustrating some times. With your website, i felt there was someone human helping me out. that was comforting. Will be forwarding your website to others for sure.

What helped me more!
Nervous (5/12/2015)
I must say that your FAQ really helped me in putting my mind at ease. Also your blog is awsome. I asked a question and was given an answer in a very short time. That was prompt.


Practice Ontario G1 Driving Test

  Simulated Ontario G1 Driving Test

This is our most comprehensive G1 practice test. Based on the official Ontario Driver’s handbook, this test will check you for your knowledge about signs, and Road Rules, fines, and speed limits. We use the same scoring system as the DriveTest centres across the province, so there will be no surprises when you go there. Questions have been updated for 2024.

The driving laws may differ slightly in each province or territory. For example, in Ontario, drivers are allowed to turn right at a red light, unless there is a sign specifically prohibiting it. In Montréal, Québec, drivers are never allowed to turn right on a red light.
Not difficult at all
Reluctant (2/2/2015)
It wasn't a difficult test. Very easy but your website test helped me in breaking the ice. I was able to overcome the fear and it gave me confidence that I can write the test.

Tammy (1/5/2014)
Thank you for all the effort that you have put in bringing these test online. Gives you an idea of where you would stand when you go to do the actual written test. I passed after using your site. Thanks

Farah Jee (12/13/2013)
I have used your site for doing my prep for G1 test. It is great test but it is lacking more visual questions. Please add some more.

Good site
Jiayuan Liu (7/2/2013)
Passed in first attempt after practicing your questions... thank you...

Thanks - Got G1 today.....
Suki Singh (6/19/2013)
Came from India last month, read this site questions 2-3 times and passed test....yahoooo. Love Canada and Love toptipsclub site...

Nice Job
Jamie Demalo, PerrySound (2/24/2013)
A lot of effort put in by you guys ..... I can't read books.... more of a visual sort. Loved doing all the prep stuff on your website. Keep it up!!

shukran jee
M. Ali, Barrie (1/12/2013)
Got your website from my brother-in-law and I really like the format of your tests. Please add some more tests.


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