Canadian Accent Test

Check How Canadian is your Accent

Research shows Canadians say many words differently. Particularly the vowels.
Canadians supposedly say “aboot” instead of “about”, and one very prominant give away .......we say “eh” a lot. So Prominant that you can possibly pick a Canadian from a crowd!

This test asks questions to see if you talk in a way that is unique to Canada. Take this test yourself or Send it to your friends and see if you are Canadian enough Eh!

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Does Caught rhyme with Cot?

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Explanation of Scoring

People born and raised in Ontario and Canadian Prairie should score the best in this test as the two of the most defining features of the Canadian dialect (canadian raising and the canadian shift) are especially common in this central area. However if you are BC native or Nova Scotia native you should fair well too. French Canadians, newer Canadians and Newfies may disagree with some of the questions and might not fair as well (but who knows ..... maybe not!)