2023 - G1 Driving Test Passing Guide (Ontario)

G1 / G2 Graduated Licensing System

In Canada there is a graduated licensing system that makes one pass three levels of driving to obtain a full driving license.

What steps are required to get G license?

  1. Pass written test and get G1 license. Prepare for Ontario G1 Test
  2. Pass road test and get G2 license. Road signs for Ontario G2 Test
  3. Pass Hwy road test and get full G license. Review sheets for Ontario G Test
Note: Step 2 & 3 can be achieved together.

** 3 Quizes are about Rules of the Driving and 2 Quizes are for Road Signs. Once you have practices these tests enough to get 100% marks, you are ready to go.

Next Step

  • Walk-in to nearest Examination Centres   
  • or Search nearest driving center here
  • GOOD LUCK!!!

Tips to pass Ontario G1/G2/G Test

Things you need to learn to better prepare for test?

It is always a good idea to divide the content in categories. With this apporach, you can concentrate more on the things you need to put more effort in. So for you here are the categories. The test and most of good books also divide the information in these categories.
  1. Learn about Driving and road Rules, Road Signs (Useful in both written and Road Test)
  2. Learn about Road Signs of your province (Useful in both written and Road Test)
  3. Learn about demerit points and its panelties (Useful in written)
  4. Learn about different parts of the cars.
    Not much help in written test but it doesn't hurt to know the machine you will be operating. At least basic knowledge like which button turns which light on and so on. In your road test(G2/G), the examiners always ask you to turn your indicators on one by one to make sure they are working. They also check your break lights. (Especially if you are going for G test.)

MTO Driver's License G1 Written Test
Practice Quizes (FREE!! - 4 Quizes)

100% Success Rate

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It wasn't a difficult test. Very easy but your website test helped me in breaking the ice. I was able to overcome the fear and it gave me confidence that I can write the test.
Thank you for all the effort that you have put in bringing these test online. Gives you an idea of where you would stand when you go to do the actual written test. I passed after using your site. Thanks
I have used your site for doing my prep for G1 test. It is great test but it is lacking more visual questions. Please add some more.
Farah Jee
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