Which legal document recognizes the cultural diversity of Canadians?

So this is another question which has some confusion around it. There are two possibilities. Canadian Multiculturalism Act (for its obvious name) Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms (because rights and freedom means cultural and religious rights as well) The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed in 1988, and the aim was to preserve and enhance […]

Early immigrants who got the first dibs on Express Entry are already in Canada

So recently a report came out showing many early immigrants who got the first dibs on Express entry are already in Canada. According to the report, “Nearly half of the skilled immigrants who qualified for a chance to obtain permanent residency within the first three weeks of the launch of a new immigration system were […]

Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Programs across Canada

Here is information about Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Programs across different provinces of Canada. Educational accreditations are typically validated by provincial organisations, so funding for this loans program is provided to nine community-based organizations in selected communities across Canada, including: S.U.C.C.E.S.S., in British Columbia; Immigrant Access Fund, in Alberta; Immigrant Access Fund, in Saskatchewan; SEED […]

Major Canadian Immigrant concerns addressed in 2015 Federal Budget

In April 2015 Budget, government of Canada have addressed two concerns that are of major importance to new Canadian Immigrants. The budget addresses – Help with Training and smooth transition of newcomers. – Ease in sending money to families back home. Help with training and smooth transition of newcomers Pilot loan program made permanent In […]

Canada To Introduce Pre-Approval System For Visa-Exempt Visitors

In a move that had been mooted since 2011, the government of Canada has announced in the official Canada Gazette that it intends to introduce electronic travel authorization (eTA) for individuals exempt from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa (TRV) before they may enter Canada……. The system, which is scheduled to come into […]

Insane facts about Canada that you probably didn’t know (InfoGraphics)

Insane facts about Canada that you will be surprised to know! So brace yourself. Did you know that Winnie the pooh originated in Canada? Did you know Canada’s also home to 2.4 million caribou and 15,500 of the world’s 25,000 polar bears? I am sure that most of the facts that are in the Cheapflight.ca […]


Latest Express Entry Invitation Update

Here is latest Express Entry Invitation Update. This following table displays all the draws, invitation issued to date, minimum CRS for each draw and the program it specified. You can book mark this page. We will be updating this table and graph as we progress through Express Entry draws and more information is made available. […]

First Express Entry Applicants Get Permanent Resident Status Within Three Months

First Express Entry Applicants Get Permanent Resident Status Within Three Months. It is been three months since “Express Entry” has been launched and every month we see invitation draws. Last week before the 7th Draw (the latest in the series of draws), CIC has announced that Canada has already welcomed first few of successful applicants […]

2015 International Experience Canada Program Updates and FAQs

2015 International Experience Canada Program Updates and FAQs – Updated as new information is received. IEC Ireland: Round 1 open April 14th at 7pm GMT. Round 2 opens on April 16th. IEC UPDATE: Round 2 of the IEC UK is to be opened on 7th April. Get your papers ready because after last round opened […]

Temporary Foreign Workers Must start leaving country today

Temporary foreign workers must start leaving country today – According to the figures just Alberta has 10,000 temporary foreign workers. OTTAWA – Thousands of temporary foreign workers could be heading to airports to leave Canada today as permits expire for those who have been in the country for more than four years. (CBC Coverage of […]