Important Information about tax filing in Canada for 2014

Here is some Important Information about tax filing in Canada for 2014. Generally, your return for 2014 has to be filed on or before April 30, 2015. If you or your spouse/common-law partner carried on a business in 2014, the deadline to file your 2014 income tax and benefit return is midnight on June 15, […]

Things you can do in Vancouver, BC in a Day

Vancouver ….. beautiful city of British Columbia. Its easy accessibility to water and its milder temperature has no doubt added to its attractive green landscape. There are many things you can do in Vancouver. I was planning a week trip to the place and in my search I cam across this blog by an avid […]

New law to let Canadian officials share immigrants’ personal info

This Past Friday (Feb 27, 2015) government of Canada has announced a plan as part of its effort to strengthen National Security and to crack down on Immigration Fraud. Under those proposed changes, Canada Immigration and Citizenship Agency will be able to share personal information to and from other Government agencies like immigration and border […]

Happy International Women Day 2015!

Happy International Women Day! Settling down in a new country is always hard and it is the women of the house who makes it seem smooth. Can’t stress enough the importance of Women. We would all be lost without them. They are strong, they are brave, they give you courage, they give you love, they […]

Stunning Pictures of Canada

Life in Canada is Challenging. It is very easy to get absorbed in day to day living and we forget what is around us. But there are some people among us who see world differently. They Cherish the moment and they share what they see with rest of the world. Here are some of the […]

RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards of 2015: Nomination Closed, Voting to begin soon

For last six years, RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards Program has recognized 150 Immigrants from various culture, religion, profession and Gender. The amazing stories from these immigrants and other nominees of the program have inspired so many lives. Every year people nominate an immigrant for outstanding work for the community or a selfless act […]

Filipino Immigrants: One of largest expanding Community in Canada

Filipino-Canadians are the third-largest Asian Canadian group in Canada after the Indian and Chinese communities. Until 20th Century, Canada had very small population. Most of that population were women who came on work visa to work as nannies and household help. According to the 2011 National Household Survey, there are 662,600 people of Filipino descent […]

Views of an African Immigrants about Canada and its culture

Here is an article written by an African Immigrants. See what are her views. Being a lady of color, how does she feel about Canada and its system. Read below. I am a guest in a stolen house. I can sympathize with the victims, because a long time ago, my house was the scene of […]

Full Video: Not Wanted in Canada documentary

Every year, border agents in Canada are dealing with thousands of deportations. Often, it’s a straight-forward process – but sometimes, it all goes wrong and the end results can mean a staggering cost to the Canadian taxpayer. Many people are left hanging for years sometimes with no end in sight. Some say it is human […]

Where Canada’s jobs will be in 2015 and beyond

A New year and new Immigration System. Where will the job market be in 2015 ? What is most needed skill for successful job hunting in 2015 ? What do you need to do in order to land a job in your profession ? What Jobs will be IN and what jobs will be less […]