Guide for Newcomers to Canadian Provinces and Cities

Settling in a new city and new place is not easy. Especially if you are in a totally new country. Here we have collected Guides prepared by different provinces and cities for NewComers. We are sharing this information hoping that we can help you in your struggle to transition into the new life smoothly.

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Guide for NewComers to Canadian Provinces and Cities


New Comers Guide to Life in Canada (Prepared by CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
NewComers Services (Government of Canada)


  1. Welcome to Alberta – Guide to NewComers (General Information to settle and start life in AB like schools, housing, driving license etc)
  2. Welcome to Alberta – A Consumers Guide to Alberta (Guide from Service Alberta )
  3. NewComers Guide (Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agency)

British Columbia

  1. British ColumbiaNewcomers Guide
  2. VancouverNewcomers Guide


Immigrate to Manitoba

New Brunswick

Immigrate and Settle

Quick reference to permanent residency to New Brunswick

NewComers Guide to New Brunswick

  1. Fredericton NewComers Guide
  2. Moncton
    Newcomers Guide

List of Government and Semi-Government Organization providing settlement Services. The services they provide are (but not limited to)

  • Language training (general)
  • Job-specific language training
  • Help with daily life
  • Help finding a job
  • Find or become a mentor to a newcomer
  • Services for refugees **
  • Services for Francophone newcomers
  • Services for Women **
  • Services for Seniors **
  • Services for Youth **



Newfoundland and Labrador


Newcomers Guide

  1. Corner Brook
    Newcomers Guide

Nova Scotia


Living in Nova Scotia - A Guide for Immigrant Women

  1. Halifax



For immigrants

For practitioners working with immigrants

Newcomers’ Guide to Elementary School in Ontario

  1. London
  2. Ottawa
  3. Peel
  4. Toronto
  5. Windsor-Essex

Prince Edward Island


Newcomers Guide



NewComers Gateways
Regional Newcomer Gateways are welcome centres for newcomers arriving in Saskatchewan, whether you are from outside Canada or another Canadian province, they are there to help you.

Information about how to settle in Life in Saskatchewan
Information is available in Various Languages.

  1. Regina
    Information to help newcomers and those thinking about immigrating to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada





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