Date for Full Implementation of Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Announced

Finally the wait is over on Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)… The date for the implementing Canada’s new pre-screening system for visa-exempt visitors has been announced. Starting September 29, 2016, travelers to Canada from certain countries must have an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they enter Canada even if they are flying through. Exceptions include U.S. […]

Job Growth in British Columbia

Canada saw Highest Job Growth in British Columbia these past years. More and more immigrants and Investors are settling in B.C.
British Columbia is the western-most province in Canada, bordering the Pacific Ocean. Internationally known for its stunning natural beauty (there are six national parks), British Columbia is home to more than 4.6 million people. While most of these residents live in the Lower Mainland area, British Columbia’s land area is the size of France, Germany and the Netherlands combined.
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Winnie the Pooh has Canadian and World War I Link

Winnie the Pooh has Canadian and World War I Link. So remember our post about Winnie the pooh where I mentioned how it has Canadian Links well now here is a strange twist. The real bear who was donated to London zoo actually was donated by a World War I Soldier “Harry Colebourn”. He originally […]

Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper, My biased view

So in a turnkey historical race, Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper. In last election held in 2011, Liberal had lost miserably. They were not even able to win enough seats to make official opposition. NDP beat them to it. One wonders if influence of Jack Layton and leadership of Liberal played a role in it. […]

Canada Election 2015: A Guide To The Parties, Polls And Electoral system

Canadians head to the polls on Monday 19 October 2015. Are you a relatively new Canadian ? Do Canadian Politics confuse you? Find out more about Canada election 2015: Canadian parties, polls and electoral system in Canada. Did you know all of the different political parties in Canada. Here is a list (Source: Election Canada) […]

Major Canadian Immigrant concerns addressed in 2015 Federal Budget

In April 2015 Budget, government of Canada have addressed two concerns that are of major importance to new Canadian Immigrants. The budget addresses – Help with Training and smooth transition of newcomers. – Ease in sending money to families back home. Help with training and smooth transition of newcomers Pilot loan program made permanent In […]

International Shipping to and from Canada

Shipping Stuff To And From Canada

Mostly Immigrants and newcomers come across the dilemma of Shipping Stuff To And From Canada. but it is not limited to just newcomers. Many Canadians who have to move abroad for job or other purposes, they some times also face this Question. I came across a very interesting article on MovingtoCanada website. This a major […]

[VIDEO] Americans Fail At Basic Knowledge About Canada

Americans Fail At Basic Questions About Canada. See how our friendly American neighbors fair on basic Canadian Knowledge. Buzzfeed recently did an interview with couple of Americans asking question about very basic things like Current prime minister, Capital of Canada etc. You will be amazed at their response. Here are some of the answers. President […]

More immigrants coming to Nova Scotia than at any time in the last 10 years

More immigrant coming to Nova Scotia than at any time in the last 10 years

More immigrant coming to Nova Scotia than at any time in the last 10 years. Yes you heard it right. According to a statement released by Provincial Immigration Minister Lena Metlege Diab, last year the number of immigrants that settled in Nova Scotia reached a 10-year high of 2,661. It was never a steady incline. […]

Winter expedition for newcomers

‘Wintegration’ a Winter expedition for newcomers

A very good read in Toronto Star about Wintegration – Winter expedition for newcomers that was put together by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in coordination with CultureLink Immigrant Services in Toronto. The “Wintegration Club,” a program run by CultureLink immigrant services, offers one answer: immersion experiences in a Canada even many native-born urban Canadians […]