faq about Canadian Citizenship Test

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian CitizenShip Test

Here are some frequently asked questions about Citizenship test by Permanent residents who are either getting ready to apply for citizenship or have already applied. Do not take this test lightly. It is important that you nail it the first time as failing it will make your process more complicated. Do not take chance and practice […]

Passing the test: Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test

Mandatory Section in Canadian Citizenship Test

Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test Q – > I have heard there is a Mandatory Section in Canadian Citizenship Test Section 18 of the Citizenship Regulations now specifies that applicants are required to have sufficient knowledge of a broad range of topics, the inclusion of mandatory questions in the citizenship test is no longer in effect […]

Canadian Citizenship Application Fee 2016

With a lot of changes happening to Canadian Citizenship process, find out the impact on Canadian Citizenship application Fee structure for 2016. Some of very commonly asked Immigration Questions answered by B.C. Immigration Lawyer David cohen. He answers questions very frequently on his Blog. (Source: CICNews.com) Canadian Citizenship Question Hi. My family and I are eligible to […]

What do you call representative of the Queen in the Provinces/Federal/Territories

I have been approached by many people in past few days about this question “What do you call representative of the Queen in the Provinces/Federal/Territories ” ? They are three separate questions with three separate answers. Do not mix them up. Here I am going to explain the structure of Monarchy in simplest way for everyone […]

CIC Issues update to requirement for Citizenship Oath

CIC updates Canadian Oath Ceremony of Citizenship rules to allow for religious accommodation following a recent court ruling about dress code during the oath. Read about the Court ruling and proceeding here. The update states: Following the recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada v. Ishaq, operational […]