Can we move to another province if we came through Provincial Immigration Nomination Program (PINP)

Find if you can move between province on Provincial Immigration Nomination Program.
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Canadian Immigration Question
We are living in Estevan, Sasksatchwan since arriving through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) 13 months ago. Please confirm that if we move from this province to Ontario for my job and for my daughter’s admission to Windsor University, is there any effect? Are we bound to live in Saskatchewan for a certain period?

Applicants under any of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), including the SINP, must have the intention to reside in the given province at the time they make an application and upon landing in Canada. However, successful applicants and their family members (if applicable) under any PNP obtain Canadian permanent resident status once they have landed. With this status, individuals may live and work in any Canadian province or territory. Possible exceptions to this provision may arise in the case of certain PNP business streams, which may have conditional performance agreements in which the applicant agrees to reside in a given province for a certain period of time after landing in Canada.


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