New rules for Canadian citizenship

New rules for Canadian citizenship to take effect next week

New rules for Canadian citizenship to take effect next week on Oct 11, 2017.

According to an announcement made by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen on Wednesday, Important changes to Canadian citizen rules, including how long a newcomer has to be in the country to be eligible, will kick in next week.

Two of the major tightened restrictions (listed below) that caused major disturbance during the conservative prime minister Stephen Harper were ...

1- Eligibility rules for permanent residents to have been physically present in Canada for 4 years out of the last 6 immediately before applying for citizenship.
2 - applicants have to be in Canada for 183 days each year.

Bill C-24: Second class citizenship goes into effect
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Bill C24 - Second Class Citizenship, Changes to Canadian Citizenship Act

Another key change is the calculation of eligibility time for foreigners that are already in Canada – studying, working, visiting, or as refugees. Before this change that time does not count as being present for citizenship-eligibility purposes, even if they have been here for years.

Hussen called that “unfortunate.” The new rules, he said, will allow such individuals to count half the time they have spent in Canada to a maximum of one year, meaning that once they become permanent residents, they would only need to be in the country for an additional two years to apply for citizenship.

A change will also be made to age required to take and pass a citizenship knowledge and language test. Previously, the age range was 14 to 64 and new proposed age range is 18 to 54, a problem Hussen said was particularly acute for those under 18 given their need to study for school exams.

The various changes are part of the same bill that previously scrapped the federal government’s ability to strip citizenship from dual nationals convicted of terrorism – another controversial change implemented under Harper.

List of all the proposed changes and what they mean.

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“Something happened in the last number of years whereby the previous government had deliberately put obstacles, real barriers, to citizenship for permanent residents,” Hussen said.

“Those barriers were unnecessary. They prolonged people’s steps to join the Canadian family, they made it really hard.”

Speaking in the highly diverse community of Brampton, Ont., just northwest of Toronto, Immigration minister Hussen said.

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