Finally Bill C-6 becomes law on June 19

So Finally Bill C-6 becomes law.

Bill C-6 was was first set in motion 12 Month ago and now on June 19th, 2017, Governor General of Canada, David Johnston has officially given a Royal approval and Bill C-6 has become a law changing Citizenship Act and negating many clauses of Bill C-24.

Below is the schedule of different changes and their dates when they will come in effect. (Source: Government of Canada)

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Bill C6 passed senate to cancel Harper's Second Class Citizenship Bill C24

Bill C6 Passed Repealing Harper’s Second Class Citizenship Bill C24

This week senate passed a new Bill C6 that proposes changes to citizenship Act negating many of the amendments that were done through Harper’s Bill C-24 commonly known as Second class citizenship. Update: Bill C-6 has received Royal Assent on June 19th and has officially become a law chaning Canadian citizenship Act. Find out which clauses are […]

Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper, My biased view

So in a turnkey historical race, Justin Trudeau beats Stephen Harper. In last election held in 2011, Liberal had lost miserably. They were not even able to win enough seats to make official opposition. NDP beat them to it. One wonders if influence of Jack Layton and leadership of Liberal played a role in it. […]