News Release: Canada’s Start-up Visa Program helps launch six new companies in Canada

May 29, 2015 — Toronto — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, touted the success of the Start-up Visa Program today with the announcement of more successful applicants who have been approved for permanent residence in recent months. The Start-up Visa Program is helping to spur entrepreneurialism and create economic growth across the country […]

Which legal document recognizes the cultural diversity of Canadians?

So this is another question which has some confusion around it. There are two possibilities. Canadian Multiculturalism Act (for its obvious name) Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms (because rights and freedom means cultural and religious rights as well) The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed in 1988, and the aim was to preserve and enhance […]

Early immigrants who got the first dibs on Express Entry are already in Canada

So recently a report came out showing many early immigrants who got the first dibs on Express entry are already in Canada. According to the report, “Nearly half of the skilled immigrants who qualified for a chance to obtain permanent residency within the first three weeks of the launch of a new immigration system were […]