Changes to Canadian Citizenship Oath

Canadian Citizenship Oath Changes almost complete

Canadian Citizenship Oath Changes are almost complete. A revised oath of citizenship will require new Canadians to faithfully observe the country's treaties with Indigenous Peoples in addition to swearing loyalty to Queen.

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Tips for Canadian Immigration Interview

Tips for Canadian Immigration Interview

The immigration interview can be the most nerve-racking part of the application process but here are some Canadian Immigration Interview Tips before you face your big day. Bring all the necessary documents for the interview. Before you arrive for the interview, double check that you have all the paperwork that you were told to bring […]


Finally Bill C-6 becomes law on June 19

So Finally Bill C-6 becomes law.

Bill C-6 was was first set in motion 12 Month ago and now on June 19th, 2017, Governor General of Canada, David Johnston has officially given a Royal approval and Bill C-6 has become a law changing Citizenship Act and negating many clauses of Bill C-24.

Below is the schedule of different changes and their dates when they will come in effect. (Source: Government of Canada)

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Bill C6 passed senate to cancel Harper's Second Class Citizenship Bill C24

Bill C6 Passed Repealing Harper’s Second Class Citizenship Bill C24

This week senate passed a new Bill C6 that proposes changes to citizenship Act negating many of the amendments that were done through Harper’s Bill C-24 commonly known as Second class citizenship. Update: Bill C-6 has received Royal Assent on June 19th and has officially become a law chaning Canadian citizenship Act. Find out which clauses are […]

Guide for Newcomers to Canadian Provinces and Cities

Settling in a new city and new place is not easy. Especially if you are in a totally new country. Here we have collected Guides prepared by different provinces and cities for NewComers. We are sharing this information hoping that we can help you in your struggle to transition into the new life smoothly. Have […]

faq about Canadian Citizenship Test

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian CitizenShip Test

Here are some frequently asked questions about Citizenship test by Permanent residents who are either getting ready to apply for citizenship or have already applied. Do not take this test lightly. It is important that you nail it the first time as failing it will make your process more complicated. Do not take chance and practice […]