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Frequently Asked Questions about Cana...

faq about Canadian Citizenship Test
Here are some frequently asked questions about Citizenship test by Permanent residents who are either getting ready to apply for citizenship or have already applied. Do not take this test lightly. It is important that you nail it the first time as failing it will make your process more complicated. Do not take chance and practice by takin [...]

Mandatory Section in Canadian Citizen...

Passing the test: Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test
Mandatory section in Canadian Citizenship Test Q - > I have heard there is a Mandatory Section in Canadian Citizenship Test Section 18 of the Citizenship Regulations now specifies that applicants are required to have sufficient knowledge of a broad range of topics, the inclusion of mandatory questions in the citizenship test is no longer [...]

List of Settlement Provider Organizat...

List of Settlement Provider Organizations in NewBrunswick
Here we have assembled a List of Settlement Provider Organizations in New Brunswick. They will provide  Language training (general) Job-specific language training Help with daily life Help finding a job Find or become a mentor to a newcomer Services for refugees **  Services for Francophone newcomers Services for Women ** Services for Sen [...]

Travel Rules For Canadians With Dual ...

What are the Travel Rules For Canadians With Dual Citizenship ? I am a Canadian citizen and a citizen of another country. Can I still fly to Canada with my non-Canadian passport? Effective November 10, 2016, the answer to this question in one word is "No" !  According to Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website, All air travelers need [...]

List Of Eligible Occupations For Expr...

List Of Eligible Occupations For Express Entry Canada Program under which Immigrants can apply Effective 01 January, 2015, following occupation are eligible to apply under the new Express Entry Program. NOC O Group Occupation List Source: CIC (Canadian Immigration and Citizenship) Management occupations (Skill level A) 011 Administrative [...]

Easy And Festive Halloween/Thanksgivi...

We have put together some of most crazy, Easy And Festive Halloween/Thanksgiving Recipes to adorn your table during this Festive season. Whole family and kids will love them! (Photos Credit: Each Website) These Pumpkin Bread Rolls with Cinnamon Butter are slightly sweet and totally festive with their easy and adorable pumpkin shapes. Perfect [...]

10 Biggest Shock When You Moved To Ca...

  It is undoubtedly the most difficult time of your life. You have left your old life and you are starting to integrate into a new culture and new surroundings. There are many unknowns and surprises along the way. Some you are prepared for such as weather, Language barrier and Job Market. Some just come out of blue. Here we have compiled [...]

What you need to know about Canadian ...

Canadian Citizenship Oath Ceremony is the legal and logical step before officially becoming Canadian.  Read More

Government of Canada is Aiming to imp...

Government of Canada is Aiming to implement Changes to Canadian Citizenship Act by July 1, 2016 Read More

Why do we have a Cap on Spousal Spons...

With a huge spotlight on Spousal Sponsorship Processing time, we have seen major changes to the laws pertaining the Program and the reason for longer processing time is that there is a Cap on Spousal Sponsorship Application. Read on. Read More

Express Entry: Right of Permanent Res...

Are you applying for Permanent Residence and have questions about Right of Permanent Residence Fee? Here is all the latest information from CIC on rules and requirements about it. There is a link at the bottom to calculate the fee for your country. Principal applicants (with some exceptions) and spouses and common-law partners coming with [...]