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G1 Driving Test, Ontario, Canada
G1 / G2 Graduated Licensing System
In Canada there is a graduated licensing system that makes one pass three levels of driving to obtain a full driving license.

What steps required to get G license?
  • Step 1: Pass written test and get G1 license.
  • Step 2: Pass road test and get G2 license.
  • Step 3: Pass Hwy road test and get full G license.
Note: Step 2 & 3 can be achieved togather.

Do I need appointmeent for written G1 test?
There is no appointment required to take the written test. Just walk-in any center. However, Customers are advised to arrive at least 1 hour prior to the test centre close to provide sufficient time to conduct and process a knowledge and vision test.

How to prepare for G1 test?
Step 1:
Learn the Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Temporary Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Information & Direction Signs
Step 2:
Read the Basic Information
  • Learn Basic Car Parts
  • Read Demarit Point System
  • Read Ministry Books 2 times.
Step 3:
Take G1 sample test from this site (100% success rate) or
anyother site. (Alert: Avoid Fake Sites with wrong/outdated questions)

Step 4:
  • Walk-in to nearest Examination Centres and GOOD LUCK!!
  • or Search nearest driving center here and GOOD LUCK!!

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