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  • All the questions are based on “Study Guide – Discover Canada The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” guide, which is automatically sent to all applicants for Canadian Citizenship, free of charge.

  • If you don't have this guide, then latest version of “Discover Canada The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” guide is also available for download in PDF and HTML format. Download - Discover Canada

  • Pass marks: 75%

Canadian Citizenship Test Tips
  • Alert: The Canadian government started a new format of the citizenship test on March 15, 2010. Updated Copy of Discover Canada was published in 2011. Our practice questions had been modified according to the new study guide "Discover Canada".
  • Also check out What's new in Citizenship Test .

  • If you have applied (or planning to apply) for Canadian citizenship, one of the final stages of the procedure is writing the - Canadian Citizenship Test.
  • If you think the citizenship test is a mere formality, think again!
  • Dominion Institute’s research paper shows that 45% of Canadians would actually FAIL the test if they had to write it now.

  • Tip: As the exam paper is generally designed for the country-wide purpose, CIC does not have enough resource to localize the test questions. So we suggest to always focus on general knowledge of Canada more and spend less time on provincial or municipal knowledge. Although the study guide "Discover Canada" suggests you should know about the province and local city you live in, the actual test almost contains no questions specific to a province or a local city.
  • Tip: Take it easy and don't memorize officers' names other than the Prime Minister and the Governor General of Canada. The local government officers such as MPs, MLAs are changing quite often, it is hard to update this information in the test paper as frequent as it changes. For example, suppose the MP in a district has changed, and there is a citizenship test the next day. We don't think that CIC has enough time to update the question. Just make sure to remember two names: the PM and the Governor General of Canada.
  • The Canadian citizenship test is a Must-Pass test in your citizenship application.
  • Our independant survey shows most of landed immigrants practice these test 3 times before writing actual test.
  • Please note that this is not a real test. is not responsible for any result of your real Canadian citizenship test.
  • During the test, you will have 30 minutes to answer 20 multiple choice questions about Canada.
  • To pass, you must answer at least 12 of them correctly. Besides, ALL questions on the electoral system MUST be answered correctly.
  • To answer the test questions, you will be given paper forms and detailed instructions on how to fill them in.
  • Pencils will be available.
  • Usually the tests take place in large community centres.
  • It is not unusual to see more than 400 people write the test at the same time.
  • You will be instructed to bring several documents to the test.
  • Read your Notice VERY carefully. In case of doubt, bring more documents than needed.
  • If you forget a certain document, for example, a Birth Certificate - which is required in SOME cases - you will not be admitted to the test and will have to wait for another invitation - which can take months.
  • You will NOT be allowed to use the manual/guide "Discover Canada".
  • We offer a series of Practice Questions absolutely FREE, so you don't need to buy and waste your dollers any more.
  • Some questions will appear too easy. It is normal. In the real test, some questions will be very easy, too.
  • You could be asked what the capital of Canada is, but your next question could be “What year was Confederation?” (1867).

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