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Canadian Citizenship Test

Practice Tests with Answers and Explanations (Timed)

The Canadian Citizenship Practice test below focuses mainly on common questions asked in recent Citizenship tests.
If you feel like you need to prepare before trying out our timed test, you can practice using our one of several practice test at general knowledge of Canada (Step 2A).

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Instructions:

  • Select number of question you want in your test. In actual exam you will get 20 questions but here you can choose upto 100.
  • Read question carefully & select best answer. If not sure try using you best guess as there is 25% probability you may be right.
  • After you are done, click on "End Test and Show Results" to see test results along with corrections of wrong answers.
  • Practice this test at least 3 time (more is better). If you can't pass all 3 in one attempt then go back to Step 2(A) to practice again. Practice makes Perfect!

Pick a number of practice questions:

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