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(Last updated: Oct 2015)

Newcomer's Handbook to Canada - (New Immigrants or Visitors)

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is used by newcomers to study for the citizenship test. It has information about the history of Canada, how our government works, symbols of Canada and its regions.

Choose how you want to use the "Discover Canada".

Read online

Read online section by section through CIC website. (HTML and PDF version)

Listen online

Listen to the Discover Canada book online section by section. (You can also download the audio to your phone or tablet or desktop)

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Order through CIC

You can order this book through CIC so you can physically take this book wherever you go.


Download the Discover Canada book on your computer or tablet to access later.
There are many third party books available for study but this is the only official book provided by Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to prepare for the citizenship test.
You must study the copy of Discover Canada provided to you by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you do not have this copy, or have a copy of Discover Canada issued before 2011, you can view or download it here

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